Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RN Career Path FAQ page. We’ve provided you with answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is RN Career Path Mentoring Platform?

RN Career Path Mentoring Platform is a cloud-based mentoring platform that houses five (5) different nurse mentoring programs:

  • Clinical Nurse
  • Nurse Manager
  • Nurse Leader (Non-Manager)
  • Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Nurse Executive
This mentoring platform is unique because it provides access to mentoring content and resources to each and every nurse within a single organization all in one cloud-based access point. Organizations who join RN Career Path Mentoring Platform we call our Mentoring Partners. Mentoring Partners pay a fee to engage in an annual licensing agreement for all of their nurses to have access to RN Career Path Mentoring Platform. (See pricing page for details.)

What Components are Live Versus cloud-Based in the RN Career Path Mentoring Programs?

The RN Career Path mentoring programs support a live mentoring relationship between a mentor and mentee using a cloud-based curriculum. Mentors and mentees follow a cloud-based curriculum across 6 live meetings that are driven by a mentee career development plan. Mentors and mentees receive resources and support before, during, and after each mentoring meeting through access to tools, videos, scripts and an e-resource library.

Why was RN Career Path Mentoring Platform Created?

The RN Career Path Mentoring Platform was created to put the tools at your fingertips to implement, sustain, and evaluate nurse mentoring in the workplace. Furthermore, it was created to meet the needs of a variety of different needs for mentoring among nurses in different nursing roles.

How is Mentor - Mentee Matching Handled Through RN Career Path Mentoring Platform?

We do not prescribe how you match mentors and mentees. The science about mentor-mentee matching is limited and unclear. We do suggest that you consider what methods for matching are workable in your work environment. Smaller units may choose a small group of nurses to act as primary mentors, while larger units may enlist large groups or even the entire staff with > 3 years of experience to be mentors. Matching can be done based on personal choice, common interests/hobbies, career goals/tracks, or even schedules. More information about ways to match mentors and mentees is available in the E-Resources Library which can be accessed from the home page after you are logged into RN Career Path.

What is Important About Mentor Matching?

What is a Mentoring Platform Versus a Mentoring Program?

What is Mentoring?

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